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Summer Drawing Courses

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Elements of Nature Series

This series is for those who are interested in landscape painting. It allows participants the opportunity to have a professional painter give some tips on how to paint and draw tress, rocks, water and fields. Each of these can be studied separately by registering in two courses that will be devoted to each element. Since the courses happen in the evening, students will bring photographic references in to the class of these subjects. The teacher will do demonstrations of drawing/painting these forms. Then the student will practice studies with the teacher’s suggestions available.

Further painting study can be organized to paint these elements outside from life if students are enthusiastic to continue.

Schedule of elements:

Trees: June 10 and 17 (7-10p.m.)

Rocks: June 12 and 19 (7-10p.m.)

Clouds: July 8 and 15 (7-10p.m.)

Water: July 10 and 17 (7-10p.m.)

Fields: August 19 and 26 (7-10p.m.)

Location of course: Deirdre’s studio in Lachine or Dollard Centre for the Arts (depending on class size)

Dollard price for two workshops: $57.50. Deirdre’s price: to be discussed depending on number of participants.

Registration: Call Deirdre at 514-639-6157 for information.

Only 2 Spaces Left for Kamouraska Workshop

Friday, May 14th, 2010

kamouraskaHi Everyone, this is just to let you know that there are only 2 places left for my week-long drawing course in Kamouraska, Quebec. The dates are August 21-28th, 2010. This is a unique opportunity to spend time away in beautiful Kamouraska, while taking drawing classes every morning. This is my 7th year leading this workshop, and many of my students are coming back for a 2nd or 3rd time. It will still be a small intimate group, facilitating personalized attention.

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