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Celtic Montreal

April 25th, 2015


Deirdre was invited to exhibit her work at this year’s Montreal Celtic Society convention. She created for the occasion a series of crow paintings which are often a part of Celtic stories and mythology. Her Spirit Horse paintings will also be on display. The festival will be a chance to learn more about Celtic culture and see Deirdre’s current body of work.

Date: May 2 and 3, 2015
Time: 9a.m. – 5p.m.
Location: Concordia University, Library Atrium (Hall building, De Maisonneuve)

Drawing as Meditation

June 13th, 2014

This course offers students a method of drawing that does not put the emphasis on technique. Instead, the hand is trained to follow the eye by drawing without looking at your page (thus bypassing the ‘mind; that always criticizes the result). Drawing becomes more relaxing and interesting as a result and the drawings are usually amazingly beautiful. After practicing this approach, technique is brought in a little at a time. By the end of 6 sessions, students should have enough background to start a travel sketchbook on their own and draw anything you see. Painting from nature.

Small class sizes for personalized attention.

Time of course: June 21-July 26

August 16-October 4

Place: OMWEST Yoga Centre, Pointe Claire

Price: $160.00 + tax ($10 off if you bring a friend)

Oil Pastel Workshops

June 12th, 2014

These workshops are designed for oil painters who are looking for a way to do colour studies for paintings without organizing all the equipment necessary to work in oil paint. It is also perfect as a travel medium that can be put into the car or your luggage and allow you to paint in colour when on vacation or outdoors.

the teacher will explain the equipment that should be bought, both for doing finer work (with pencils) or using brushes and crayons if desired.

Various techniques will be demonstrated. Students will practice on subject matter that interests them.

Location: Deirdre’s studio in Lachine.

Date: To be decided upon by those interested. Start date June or July.

Price: $160 for 4 (3 hour) workshops (based on participation of 4 students).

Summer Drawing Courses

June 12th, 2014

Elements of Nature Series

This series is for those who are interested in landscape painting. It allows participants the opportunity to have a professional painter give some tips on how to paint and draw tress, rocks, water and fields. Each of these can be studied separately by registering in two courses that will be devoted to each element. Since the courses happen in the evening, students will bring photographic references in to the class of these subjects. The teacher will do demonstrations of drawing/painting these forms. Then the student will practice studies with the teacher’s suggestions available.

Further painting study can be organized to paint these elements outside from life if students are enthusiastic to continue.

Schedule of elements:

Trees: June 10 and 17 (7-10p.m.)

Rocks: June 12 and 19 (7-10p.m.)

Clouds: July 8 and 15 (7-10p.m.)

Water: July 10 and 17 (7-10p.m.)

Fields: August 19 and 26 (7-10p.m.)

Location of course: Deirdre’s studio in Lachine or Dollard Centre for the Arts (depending on class size)

Dollard price for two workshops: $57.50. Deirdre’s price: to be discussed depending on number of participants.

Registration: Call Deirdre at 514-639-6157 for information.

Studio Sale

June 5th, 2014

Once a year studio sale taking place June 28 and 29th, 2014. Up to 70% off original works and prints. For more information, email me at: or call 514-567-8553.


Soul and Cosmos Vernissage

January 5th, 2014

You are invited to attend the vernissage of Deirdre’s new show entitled
“Soul and Cosmos: As Within, So Without.”


Stairwell Art Gallery/Galerie des Escaliers
Friday, January 10, 5-7pm
Unitarian Church of Montreal
5035 de Maisonneuve West
Montreal, Quebec

Deirdre McCay returns to the Gallery in January and February with the first public display of her latest project called ‘Soul and Cosmos: As Within, So Without’. These mostly abstract works were inspired by visual images arising in meditation, and the astounding images of nebulae taken by the Hubble space telescope. Deirdre’s studies as a Druid have drawn her to think about our connection to planet Earth and its galaxy. The exhibition includes one large oil painting, “Birth of a Soul in the Cosmos,” and a number of finished studies in pastel that will be used as the basis for a larger show to follow.

New Pastel

November 6th, 2013

Will be featured in my upcoming exhibition “For the Love of Rowing” opening this Saturday


Upcoming Vernissage

October 19th, 2013



Exhibition and opening of pastel paintings and prints by Deirdre McCay

On the occasion of the Gala celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Lachine Rowing Club

November 9th, 2013, starting at 17h00

The Old Brasserie
2801 St-Joseph blvd
Lachine H8S 4H7

A percentage of the sale price of each painting or print will be donated to the Lachine Rowing Club

Rent a Room Facing the Beautiful St. Lawrence River

July 27th, 2013

Would you like to spend a week relaxing where the river meets the sea in beautiful Kamouraska, Eastern Quebec? I am renting out rooms in a gorgeous seaside heritage French Canadian house. Wonderful place to rest, rejuvenate and even take day excursions to local towns like Riviere du Loup. The room comes with access to a fully equipped kitchen and linens & towels. There is also a studio in the back of the house if you wish to paint.

Dates: August 31-September 7th.

Price: $400 all included for the week.

Contact me if you have any further questions: 514-639-6157.

The house with charming owners Anne Michaud and Gilles Turcotte

The view




Semi-Private Lessons Painting/Drawing Nature

July 22nd, 2013

In August and September, I will be offering half-day workshops for students who would like to do landscape painting or drawing outdoors in Montreal. I will be taking two people out at a time which will allow for me to provide you with more personalized instruction.

Place: To be decided on by participants. We would preferably choose sites on the Island of Montreal and possibly close to your own home or mine. The idea is not to produce a magnificent painting, but to help students who paint from photographs to observe nature first-hand.


Time: At the convenience of students. If I can get two students to agree on a date, or if you would like to go with a friend, the workshop will go ahead.

Price: 4 hours, $125.

Contact me at 514-639-6157 for details.